Wednesday, June 04, 2008

16, 16, 30, 16 Miles...I think...ha ha

Well, I've been for a few rides since I've posted last. I think I got it right. I may be lying about one of those 16's...but NOT on purpose. Rode to Bartley and back several times and day before yesterday went East instead and went to Arapahoe and back. Now that was a nice ride. The shoulders were smooth...except for that one damn bullsnake that wanted to rear up and bite at me...aghhhhhhh! I did okay. My lungs stayed in my chest, my thighs and calves look like stovepipes...but hey...they always do. Yesterday we went for a short 16 to Bartley and back, Cindy wanted to go on to Holbrook but I wasn't feeling it. She went on then and I stayed home. I was exhausted from working and my shoulder was hurting like hell. I also had to get ready to go to ballgames and get the boys ready and blah blah blah. Anyway, today would be a perfect day for a ride but Cindy had to go to Holdridge...maybe when she gets back.

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