Monday, March 26, 2007

20 Miles and some

Really had first ride of the season today. Yesterday didn't count. Yesterday, Cindy and I went for a ride and I was winded before I got out of town. I just couldn't seem to get my air. Short of breath and sounded like a locomotive. Finally I stopped Cindy and told her to go on...I had to turn around. I sucked and snorted and heaved my way home. All the while saying to myself...I'm done now...just done and that's the end of more biking...I'm a big lard o and too big a girl to be on a bike. Done!
When I got off my bike and took it inside I noticed something.
back tire was flat as a freckle...also
the brake was rubbing so hard against the wheel that the wheel couldn't even turn.


So...Cindy took the bike home and Kurt fixed her up again...and we took off today after lunch. We had a bit of a tail wind from the north west which was nice. But we knew the ride back would be tough. I always hate a side wind. We made it and I do feel tired. Work tomorrow...who knows when the next ride is.



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