Friday, April 21, 2006

16 miles

Shit...flat tire/tube again.
My ass must be too big for my tires to hold up.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

28 (but I wanna and am gonna call it 30)

Call Me...Dusty, Busty or Crusty...I'll answer to any or all.

god I hate a wind...Especially a burning nose down to the lungs head wind. One that drives the pollen straight to the point of no return.

Direct HIT...SCORE!!!!
We have allergies....ALERT...ALERT....ALERT!
We are now moving to ORANGE. Please fasten your seatbelt, do not pass go and DO NOT I repeat DO NOT squeeze the Charmin!

The wind was not only cool but the wind was windy today and mostly pointed in our faces and the tail wind home was an occasional corner wind with a few pats on the back and mostly a fierce growl and snarl down our auditory canals leaving us slightly deaf and painfully sore, coughing and with snot leaking across our dried and shriveling faces...Faces scored by mating bugs, dried and crusted tears and saliva in fine thin threads flying out of our mouths and littering the air above us with gleaming streaks.

Yes...Biking is a glamorous sport. One I highly recommend for snooty bitches and uppity wenches like me and Cindy.

Today...we did find one treasure. A clamp that Cindy Sue knew the real name for and that looked like a GIGANTIC clothes pin that maybe the Yao Ming could use to hang his boxer shorts up with.

Tomorrow...Cindy Sue and I work...and the wind is supposed to be...nil.

Even my ass muscles hurt(what I got that is)


Saturday, April 15, 2006

20 Miles

Another ride in. A beautiful day although biking after a Friday at the shop...was tiring. My allergies weren't so bad, my legs felt pretty strong and I only thought...what the hell am I torturing myself for?? a couple of times. Cindy and I cut our ride short as I had to get to church...but we could have gone on longer.
I have to get my BRAN registration sent in sometime soon.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

33 Miles

Another 33 miler today. The weather was PERFECT!!
Perfect if you like wind in your face at tornadic speeds and spirals of dirt, pollen and bugs sticking to your teeth making you look like you sport ONE instead of the usual number. was only head wind going the and when we turned at around 16 miles out...we had an occasional tail wind...but still.

YIKEs...I got burned and had a pain in my side...for some unknown reason. I don't think I pre-hydrated and actually had forgotton to eat anything before we took that didn't help.

AFter a bit of "goo" and a few dozen swigs of RAIN Gaterade I began to feel a better...but it was still a struggle.

I feel pretty spent tonight.

Monday, April 10, 2006

33 Miles

Almost a month passed before I rode. I can't believe how damn windy it has been. Anyway, Kurt fixed up the Terry with my new tires and Cindy lugged both bikes to my house and away we went. We both worked together Friday and Saturday and were giggly as teenagers. I think I already had "chip pneumonia", "beer pneumonia", "oatmeal pneumonia" from laughing while eating then choking leading to aspiration leading to a wheeze in my lungs. So...biking should have been a real fun joy.
It was.
Of course the wind blew. We took mostly a flat and a little bit of a hill before turning and heading home.
My new tires felt good, my knee ached a little and luckily my allergy meds kicked in and I didn't sneeze my head off.
No treasures were found by the side of the road...other than VOTE for Frank Shoemaker signs the size of a house.