Wednesday, June 14, 2006

BRAN 2006 done did that

Well, just a post about BRAN 2006.
Here are the CLIFF NOTES:
Night Before Day 1...We camped across from the tracks and since it is a MAJOR crossing and the engineers follow all horn blowing one slept a wink in camp. Not one hour of sleep!
Also...sadly, a BRAN rider hit a pothole near the tracks and ended up with a broken neck. More info available HERE. There is a benefit ride being organized and they are selling T-Shirts as well. Keep Larry in your prayers. Here is the message from the BRAN administration verbatim.

Hello BRANimals,
As you know, veteran BRAN rider, Larry Schroetlin of Butte NE was critically injured on BRAN 26 this year.
We recently received an e-mail from his cousin, Renee Brewster. Renee and her family will be putting on a ride in Butte on July 8th during their Pancake Days. The ride would be about 30 miles from Butte to Naper. For those of you who live in that area, please plan to participate! This would be a wonderful way to support one of our own.
Renee is also offering t-shirts for $10-$15 with mailing for those of us who can't make the ride. If you're interested in buying a t-shirt you can contact Renee at

Day 1...Broken Bow - Eustis I can't remember a better day for cycling. What Fun! I loved the rolling hills. We saw a rattlesnake on the road. We drank Takillya with the Jet Boys...and it was FINE...Or was that last night??? hmmmmm
Day 2...Eustis - Maywood...Rain to start off with. Great breakfast! We saw a porcupine...and he was either mad or rabid. He turned in circles alongside the road and waddled around like a pig! Long day in Maywood watching more rain come down. Today we drank beer with the Jet boys. It was good. Our tent stayed dry. We are nervous about being ready to host BRAN tomorrow night.
Day 3...Maywood to Cambridge (our home town!) Hilly, nice hard ride. We stopped at all the lakeroad stops and visited. We got back to our home...and I started working at the coffee shop and didn't sit down until 10:30 pm. Man did my legs hurt! and I was TIRED!
Day 4...Cambridge - Minden...We got a ride past the construction and rode in some wind up some long low hills. Pretty hot. I hate a straightaway. We stopped in Axtell and got kicked out of the supermarket BECAUSE OF THE JET BOYS! We drank one beer each in the park there and I wanted to turn in three circles and make a nest. But on we went to Minden...straight to Pizza Hut.
Mark picked us up there because I wanted to be at my dad's Dr. appointment the next day.
We decided 4 days was okay and that was the end of our BRAN ride. for this year.


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