Monday, June 12, 2006

43 Miles

Cindy and I rode the "section" today. South of Cambridge and then West to Lebanon then over a hilly North to Bartley and lastly East to Cambridge. Around mile 10 we saw a mule fact it almost ran into us! Around mile 20 we saw a white tail...again...almost crossing right in front of us. We also thought we saw an owl...and I know we saw a red headed woodpecker right about then too. We saw many different "weeds" which I think are beautiful but I know farmers would not. Wild gourd vines, purple headed grasses, musk thistle with big purple blooms, prairie cactus neon green with large yellow blooms, a brilliant pink clover type bloom and wild morning glory vines. Some of the yucca were blooming too. It was an awesome nature ride. Did I mention we saw a butterscotch colored fawn around mile 30?


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