Monday, April 10, 2006

33 Miles

Almost a month passed before I rode. I can't believe how damn windy it has been. Anyway, Kurt fixed up the Terry with my new tires and Cindy lugged both bikes to my house and away we went. We both worked together Friday and Saturday and were giggly as teenagers. I think I already had "chip pneumonia", "beer pneumonia", "oatmeal pneumonia" from laughing while eating then choking leading to aspiration leading to a wheeze in my lungs. So...biking should have been a real fun joy.
It was.
Of course the wind blew. We took mostly a flat and a little bit of a hill before turning and heading home.
My new tires felt good, my knee ached a little and luckily my allergy meds kicked in and I didn't sneeze my head off.
No treasures were found by the side of the road...other than VOTE for Frank Shoemaker signs the size of a house.


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