Monday, February 27, 2006

?15 Miles

First bike ride of the season for me...outdoors that is. I've used my new trainer a few times. Can you believe it was 80 degrees today? Feb 28 and felt like an early summer morning. Cindy rode into my house and I was supposed to be ready but of course I wasn't. I needed to air up my tires and fill my water bottles and find a pair of sunglasses. I'd been trying on my bike gear and gagging through each one. Why can't they make loose shirts for fat girls on bikes. In fact, if I was a crafty kind of girl I would have a bike apparel store for women called...Big Clothes for Big Girls on Bikes. hee hee Anyways...I decided to leave off the water bottles (stoopid ass) and off we went. We stopped by my Mom and Dad's for my glasses (I thought I'd left them in his vehicle) but couldn't find them. Dad said, There's a pair of sunglasses someone left at the golfcourse in the front seat of my truck...go ahead and use them. So I found them and shaking my head, put them on. They were those big ass protective sunglasses that people who have cataract surgery wear. Seriously! Man did I look HOTT! My fat rolls were well enhanced by my tightly fitting bike garb and my entire head was engulfed by my new "block out the sun" sunglasses! Yayyyy let the ride begin.
Of course there was a head wind, gusty. But it felt good to be out working a bit. We went along the straight for a few miles (5?) and then turned back and traversed to Cindy's corner. All in all it was about 15 miles or so...I think. Doesn't really matter. The thought of BRAN looms on the horizon and I'm already thinking...can I do it? We will ride after work tomorrow if we can walk. hee hee


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