Thursday, May 26, 2005

20 Miles

We took a short jaunt in the cool afternoon air today. Just a straight to the west, head first into the gusty nor'easter. Funny to be glad when a semi passes you by so you can catch a little of his air...maybe a little warmth from the stinky hogs he's hauling. But when we turned around to head east oh boy howdy, I do love tail wind yes I do! The traffic is bad now and we probably won't want to ride in it. Today Cindy just about got a slap on the ass from a trailer. I don't like to ride on 6 & 34 when it's thick with holiday drivers. 10 days now...gulp.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Over 350

I cannot believe that it REALLY takes me at least 300 miles on the road to get to the point where a 30-40 mile ride feels good. Where I'm actually able to enjoy and not feel utterly wiped out. Now, I need about 200 more before BRAN to strengthen.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

32 Miles

We rode part of the "section" today. We rode east through Wilsonville instead of west, then turned before we got to Hendley and headed back home. Of course there was a headwind, both ways. I am feeling stronger by the day, except I don't think I had enough to eat this morning and was getting a little low on energy the last few miles. I also am going to have to start carrying the camelback as I don't think I'm drinking enough. Not many days left before BRAN and I haven't done a big ride yet. That makes me nervous. I'm glad I've got more than 350 miles in though.

Monday, May 23, 2005

31 Miles

Cindy and I rode to McCook last night. I love that ride. The hills aren't too bad and the straights aren't too long. Besides...we had a bit of a tail wind some of the time. I don't have much time to write about much of the scenery. I felt stronger and am getting excited for BRAN.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

42 Miles

A wonderful day for a ride down south! yah The temp was perfecto. The scenery was beautiful...meadowlarks and hairy assed red beaks serenaded us while we rolled past field after field of wheat and pasture land. The green of the landscape was lush. A little year old doe ran parallel the highway for about a mile, leaped over a barbed wire fence and then crossed the road in front of us. Her white flag was waving surrender so we didn't try to chase her down. We had a few lovely hills to skate and went over a NICE bridge that said 2 ton limit, so we took turns crossing and we made it fine. Cindy and I both have stink bug pneumonia but my allergies seem to be zapped by a combo of Zyrtec, Singulair and kleenex shoved up my nose holes. I got a nice sunburn today. My feet like like a sepia toned zebra from my bike sandals and my hands each have a perfect red hole just above my wrist where my bike gloves don't cover. I've got 2 sunburns on my legs, one from just above the knee down and the other mid thigh down.
Yes, Virginia, I am a freak. Well, other than being hungrier than a lumberjack, french fried, crusty eyed, windfarkingblown, and stiff in the neck, wrists, lower back, feet...I'm just fine. Tomorrow? WE RIDE!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

28 Miles

I got the donuts made and the coffee hot in the pots this am and got my arse out the door by 9am. Cindy Sue (a much OLDER Cindy Sue) and I were going for a spin!
Finally, a day to ride! We still bucked a wind from the North but who gives a rats ass because we let it push us a bit of the way home! yayyyyy
Also I send out a thank you to a few semi's who gave us a breath of fresh air and a whooooosh along the way...gag.
I felt pretty strong except my nose ran a river and my gloves were kind of rough...and the wind was the kind that stings your lungs...but least I didn't leave 'em by the roadside...yet.
We just did a straight as Cindy had a funeral to go to and we are planning a bigger ride tomorrow with a few sumbitch hills thrown in.
Now, if wind gives ya character...Than it's NO WONDER CINDY AND I ARE CHARACTERS!
My new motto: Damn the wind! Let's drink margarita's! Ole'!

Sunday, May 15, 2005


Here is the schedule for the 2005 BRAN ride starting June 5.

Day 1 Kimball to Bridgeport 73 miles
Start your day by being part of 25th Anniversary group photo. Tailwinds help us take off north to our week’s adventure. Wide shouldered roads allow us to wave at the endless stream of antique cars going south on the Sugar Valley Antique Car Rally. Hopefully you stocked up on several rolls of film. You will be compelled to stop many times in the Wild Cat Hills, Scotts Bluff Monument and Chimney Rock.

Day 2 Bridgeport to Arthur 106 miles
Did you explore Court House and Jailhouse Rocks? Finally, a BRAN century to get your gears into. First 58 miles are aneasy warm up along the North Platte River. Then 25 miles of rolling hills along the shores ??? of Lake McConaughy. Even with the recent drought, it is still among the largest of its type in the world. Then its north into the Sandhills for the final 24 miles.

Day 3 Arthur to Arnold 85 miles
Don’t plan on seeing many people today. BRAN out numbers the total population of Arthur and McPherson counties. This day will take you back 150 years and make you feel like travelers of that era. Lonely! Midway, quench your thirst in the lone town in McPherson county, Tryon. The only town we’ll see in Logan county is Stapleton. That’s it, only 2 towns for the day.

Day 4 Arnold to Loup City 71 miles
Can you imagine cars going up to 160 MPH in this countryside? They do in August during the Sandhill’s Open Road Challenge. Today’s route is divided into 3 convenient sections. Long ups and downs turn into an easy flat middle. Tighten your helmet straps for the roller coaster hills to finish the day.

Day 5 Loup City to Aurora 71 miles
This is what people think all of Nebraska is like. Fertile plains with endless miles of cornfields. Imagine today as a spinning class while you pass thru the oasis of Cairo. The miles will slip by rapidly leaving you plenty of time to explore the fascinating Stuhr Museum in Grand Island.

Day 6 Aurora to Brainard 74 miles
Did you learn how Edgerton revolutionized modern photography? The Plainsman Museum reveals the story of the 24 yearold Brigadier General and Civil War Medal of Honor recipient, who became Aurora’s Mayor. Quiet county roads let you reflect on life’s problems and solutions. Anybody remember Route 66? Rolling hills the last third wakes you up for the evening festivities.

Day 7 Brainard to Waterloo 45 miles
The greatest week of biking (that’s a no brainer) is coming toa fast end. Alternating hills, flat, hills, flat highlight Nebraska’sS ilver Lining last day. Having now toured all 93 counties,what odd thing will next year’s tour reveal.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

20 or so...

Cindy and I were chomping at the bit today. The weather was gorgeous and we had to work. Finally about 4:30 we got together and took off. We had a nice tail wind...and I mean NICE as we headed west. I felt like, Yah...I can do this! Then we turned around. chuh...did I say NICE. ahahahahaahah It wasn't as nice heading into it I can tell you that. It was another 4 letter word! A big storm was brewing up and giant thunderheads were building in the east and south. Anyway we made it back without eating any stink bugs or gnats this time. Hoo yah. We are planning a nice big ride on thursday if there is no rain.

Monday, May 09, 2005

26 miles...or so

Cindy and I rode late afternoon. We went the straightaway to Indianola and back. Still windy, but hey, this is Nebraska right? Odd though when we stopped by the roadside for Cindy to take a call, there seemed to be no wind at all. When we perched back on our seats and pedaled off, we were against a headwind. Stop at wind, ride...headwind...go figure.
Kind of sounds like that tale of I walked 2 miles to school uphill both ways we've all heard from our grandpa's. Anyway, we rode hard and spotted a few treasures, a mutilated Nerf football, perfectly good from all sides except the bottom, a bungee cord thingy, half an orange, beer can about 3/4 of the way home...very tempting to bend down and give it a shake just to see if there was a drop left...just kidding... and a variety of road "pelts" that could make someone a fine blanket had they no ability to smell.
Whenever Cindy and I got off our steeds we looked like we were 80 year old broads...or weebles...Remember those things? sad really... Our backs are sore from gardening and life in general. That's just our genetic make up I guess. We oughtta be a couple of real sweethearts tomorrow at work...hope everybody want their coffee iced!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

22 Miles

Windy bitch of a day for a girl who doesn't get out enough on her bike. Cindy and I rode West to Jo Jo Dancing Girls house today, wished her a belated 40th birthday(yesterday) and back home for a whopping 22 miles for me...add on about 6 more for her. I didn't feel real strong today and probably that is because...I'M NOT! How in the hell am I going to get ready for BRAN?
I had a bit of trouble getting my breathing right today. About 3/4 done I was HUNGRY too...and after digging in my basket...came up with a year old honey lemon cough drop. yayyy... I spit that out after only a few minutes.'s miles under the belt.
Temp was around 74 and the breezes were moderately strong from the South.