Wednesday, May 18, 2005

28 Miles

I got the donuts made and the coffee hot in the pots this am and got my arse out the door by 9am. Cindy Sue (a much OLDER Cindy Sue) and I were going for a spin!
Finally, a day to ride! We still bucked a wind from the North but who gives a rats ass because we let it push us a bit of the way home! yayyyyy
Also I send out a thank you to a few semi's who gave us a breath of fresh air and a whooooosh along the way...gag.
I felt pretty strong except my nose ran a river and my gloves were kind of rough...and the wind was the kind that stings your lungs...but least I didn't leave 'em by the roadside...yet.
We just did a straight as Cindy had a funeral to go to and we are planning a bigger ride tomorrow with a few sumbitch hills thrown in.
Now, if wind gives ya character...Than it's NO WONDER CINDY AND I ARE CHARACTERS!
My new motto: Damn the wind! Let's drink margarita's! Ole'!


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