Saturday, March 05, 2005

26 Miles

Well, I may have slogged through it but I did it.
Today, my endurance SUCKED! I didn't eat before going, I didn't pre-hydrate and you could sure as hell tell it too. My legs felt okay, it was my breathing...which was mostly limited to mouth breathing as my nose was leaking like a rat terrier dog by a new chaise lounge. The wind was about straight out of the South, in our face, OFFUCKINGCOURSE! and well, we decided to "ride the section", which means, yahhh, you guessed it, start our ride SOUTH and then head West then North and finally East on our return home. Well, our plans went awry.
We went South some 12 or so miles then turned and went North, with the wind at our backs. THANK GOD THE WIND DIDN'T CHANGE!
The section is mostly a bunch of long and some double dip hills at the begining and finally a long smooth descent at the end of the first 12 miles.
I was SOOOOOOO HAPPY to turn North and have the wind at our backs.
I was wiped.
Anyway, enough about my whining.
Cindy and I both got our first road rash. I halted by the side of the road to blow my nose and forgot to unhook my right foot from the pedal...ta durrrrr...over I went. Luckily Cindy didn't see it. Later, when she did the same thing, only DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF ME, I LAUGHED MY ASS OFF!! AHAHAHAAHHAHAHAH sorry Cindy...really!
Anyway, a couple of dogs wanted to mess with us, but Cindy bellowed out GET HOME RIGHT NOW!!! and those dogs curled their tails up and went HOME!
My bike kept shifting gears on it's own today.
Other than allergies SUCKED THE BIG ONE AGAIN!
This part of the country is the WORST for allergies.
But the scenery was AWESOME!


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