Thursday, March 03, 2005

20 Miles

Cindy and I biked today. Twenty miles.
We were planning on a 50 miler or so.
It appeared to be a lovely, perfect Colgate fresh toothy grinned Wonder bread of a day but once we got on the highway and turned to the west it turned into a mean son of a bitch of a piss ant windy bug scum on your dirt encrusted eyeball kind of day.
Did I mention I don't like riding in the wind?
I am truly tired from that ride.
Of course the obesity doesn't help any either...the fatttt girlllll on a lit tle biiiiike song comes to mind.
Did I also mention dogs?
Dog's that like to chase bike girls and eat them for snacks.
fucker Corgi anyway...what kind of a dog is a Corgi?
They look like a braatwurst with catterpiller legs.
But they sure can run like a mofo.
Maybe he could smell the giant porkchop my ass has turned into.
Anyway, that's the tale of my ride so far.
Well, except for my ALLERGIES!!!!!
Just call me Rudy the farking red nosed fatty on a little bike girl


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