Monday, January 24, 2005

23 Miles Today

Today Cindy and I took our first ride of the season. January on the calendar and it was over 70 degrees this afternoon! We planned to leave around 1pm but, of course, I couldn't find all my gear...nothing new there. Finally, clad in my bike shorts, long sleeved shirt and sweatshirt, too small helmet and no gloves...we took off. We headed West with the wind at our backs until we got to the lake road where we encountered road construction. We decided to turn around and head East toward Holbrook. We debated heading South but nixed it due to the hills there. We wanted to start up slowly to avoid strain on knees etc. It felt good to be out with the sun shining and the fresh air streaming by. Cindy found a socket or something or other...some kind of tool like thing a ma bob, of course, and continued to impress me with her car, semi, truck, basically vehicle spotting skills. As we were getting ready to climb our only really serious hill Cindy spotted Mark coming back from Arapahoe. I didn't even recognize the Durango cresting the hill about a mile away at breakneck speed. I was busy looking at the side of the road, the trees the clouds, the remains of deer strewn about the side ditches and Cindy turns and says, "Isn't that Mark?" and I say, squinting, "I dunno" and sure as heck it was! He gave us the HI sign and sped on down the road. We kept going and got to Holbrook in record time...NOT. While there we looked at an old log cabin that was very very old and just recently moved to the small park there. We wondered what those walls could talk about. Who had lived there. The history of it intrigued us. Finally we got back on our trusty steeds and headed out toward Cambridge. We had a small hill and then it was straight sailing all the way home. We logged in 23 miles on this beautiful balmy January day.


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